Ode to the Woman Crossing the Street

Saturday, January 11, 2020, somewhere near Penn Station. I want a kind of love that makes me shout from the streets of New York City. The kind that makes other people talk because I’m yelling something like, “Screw you.” I want a kind of love that forces you to “take your bags and get out,” […]


In darkness In darkness drag your finger across the sky. Tell me why each shape has its curve, each star should deserve to shine. Show me signs, tell me stories, fames & glories, of those before. Give me lore. Be my own Galileo, find a new Orion trio, find a new mystery. Write your history […]


There is so much nothing,                     I see the curve.                   Small peaks crumble                       in its wake, the slight                      fumble of side diamonds                                 on the golden band                                       of the Milky Way.                                       This ring, crafted &                                                 pieced together                                                        by tweezers                                                  that had the guts                                                   to do it. & there                                           I stand, a mere speck                                                    on the surface,                                            blessed […]

Photo by Sam Wermut on Unsplash


Can you be deserted on a planet that was never inhabited? Planted on a sand kingdom unencumbered by the fearsome race that is human. Abandoned somewhere no one has ever been. Caught in beauty, landed beautifully, a sight for only your lense to see. Alone, just seeking guidance. My battery is low and it’s getting dark. Then: silence.


If everyone reading this gave $3, we could keep Wikipedia thriving for years to come. We show other charities love– so why don’t we show Wikipedia some? It’s a strange place to be when people would rather spend $3 on coffee than have all knowledge in human existence & possibly even beyond in their hands. […]

Move Too Fast

Inspired by Watsky’s “Welcome to the Family” Hi, it’s nice to meet you knowing one day I’ll greet you with some kind of secret handshake or a gaze so you know what I’m thinking. I mean, I’m just wondering: What’s your favorite color? Your favorite phase of the moon? Which photoalbum of us would you […]


They say a good song is poetry to a beat, but what if poetry, is just a good song without a beat? Because it’s doesn’t matter if the rhythm is all wrong or all right because it’s all all right in the end. It’s just the fact that I can repeat myself and it means […]

Big Brother

Big brother, big deal, I’ll tell you how to do it: You start honest. You build up the trust of everyone in the house then bust all alliances down. Who’s to judge the one who gets in no one’s business? On the ground floor, there’s no one to finish you off if you’ve never started anything with […]


It started with space laxatives. And with those, anything is possible– but less is probable– since they will never time travel. Everything in the garage glows, Because, you know, that’s the way the news goes. He’ll need the weed wacker because those weeds are wack, yo, But if they get too wack, just go to […]

Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is the worst. I want to write garbage, but I can’t because I know I’m better than that. And anything else just hurts, like it’s physically impossible for any other word to end up on the page. And it leaves me in some kind of inverse rage where I’m not exactly mad that I can’t […]

World War 3

I have a question: Is a hotdog a sandwich? Now. without the intention Of starting WW3, Let’s just see the arguments. For starters, what makes a sandwich A sandwich? I’ve heard every kind of pitch, But the general idea is this: Something between two slices of bread. It’s a filling that keeps you fed, But […]


My people, let me preach. The Watcher is good, The Watcher is great, The Watcher provides, The Watcher keeps us safe.   Our children will no longer play in sand Indoors where there is no sand at hand. They will no longer be left alone on our own land And they can be scolded for […]


Unpopular opinion: I want to work at Buzzfeed. I want to write the articles you see, like: Trump thinks Puerto Rico Death Toll is a Conspiracy. The only 18 moments from the Emmys that you need to see. This is the Most Epic Scenic Road Trip You Can Take from New York To Toronto. The […]


I want to be someone’s companion. Because I’m choking, getting claustrophobic In this anaerobic, linear timeline. I want to be able to see everything all at once, So that I will never have to wonder If it’s a concern or thunder Or both. I want to have some kind of certainty In this branching tree […]


I’m in a limbo between what’s called “yesterday” and what’s called “tomorrow”. And I don’t know where I’d rather stay. Because yesterday, everything was great. But tomorrow I’ll probably end up borrowing some of my old friends to make new memories. This limbo I’m in, let me tell you: it’s both going downhill, and all […]


I have some concerns. Like why do we drive on parkways and park on driveways? In my day to day I just get concerned with these things. Just think for a moment: What will life be like when we run out of youtube comments? And how many usernames can there be? At what point does […]


I write poetry like a clown needs a business degree: badly. I rhyme in my poems like the wing flaps of a flea: constantly. But I like poems that rhyme because they’re like dogs in bowties: classy. And while rhythm and rhyme is difficult for some, it’s infected me like radioactivity and Madame Curie, salt […]

Clock – A Work In Progress

Please take all the time you need but don’t take the clock. Keep your hands together, but not at twelve o’clock. They say what goes around comes around and that has never been more true than the skinniest hand on the face returning back to two.

As If You Know

You preach like you know, as if your hands are anywhere big enough to hold everything, to hold it all, because you think you should, your back against the wall. But it’s not all for you, you know. But even that, you don’t know and you preach like you do and you can’t understand what or why, […]


If this happens again, think of right now. Think of how much we all care– for God’s sake– think of us. Think of the children. But only certain children, because as we have seen some children only want to be mean, manipulative, imitative, and you have to get creative to say: No. And who knew those […]