There is so much nothing,

                    I see the curve.

                  Small peaks crumble

                      in its wake, the slight

                     fumble of side diamonds

                                on the golden band

                                      of the Milky Way.

                                      This ring, crafted &

                                                pieced together

                                                       by tweezers

                                                 that had the guts

                                                  to do it. & there

                                          I stand, a mere speck

                                                   on the surface,

                                           blessed by the light

                                           of day, able to see

                              the curvature. Motionless

                                       on a simple cliff,

                                           a gallery rail

                             next to these gems

                     unruined by moisture.

Go forth, fair pearl,

for the universe is your oyster.