If everyone reading this gave $3,

we could keep Wikipedia thriving for years to come.

We show other charities love–

so why don’t we show Wikipedia some?

It’s a strange place to be when people

would rather spend $3 on coffee than have

all knowledge in human existence

& possibly even beyond in their hands.

It’s a strange place to be when a world-renown, free service

asks for mereĀ pocket change

to keep up its servers and in exchange we turn away.

A huge banner ad:

Please, just help us,

Please, you know us,

Please, just show us what you’d like instead.

Isn’t a coffee a fair trade for pages like:

bedhead, bobsleds, white bread, screw thread, and homestead?

From pieces on carnivals, cardinals, and remarkables

to “frequently viewed mathematical articles”.

What more could you want in a place that can put into words

the vastness of space in words so terse:

While the spatial size of the entire Universe is still unknown,[3]

it is possible to measure theĀ observable universe.

What’s a thousand-page books in a thousand-volume series

to you, mere reader, if all you have to do is look

to Wikiepedia.org for all your queries?

What’s a coffee to you?