Inspired by Watsky’s “Welcome to the Family”

Hi, it’s nice to meet you

knowing one day I’ll greet you

with some kind of secret handshake

or a gaze so you know what I’m thinking.

I mean, I’m just wondering:

What’s your favorite color? Your favorite phase of the moon?

Which photoalbum of us would you save from a monsoon?

I’m just wondering:

Would you like to move too fast and plan our perfect lives together?

I’ve seen you for a second, maybe,

and sure, I already know my glasses will be my something blue,

but it’s true what they say,

when like souls walk the same way,

or something like that.

Something like,

stop looking, it’ll find you,

or it’s a team effort, and they’re trying, so why aren’t you?

What color do you want your living room?

I want something like:

bumblebee, butter, or bronze,


custard, candle, canary,

something easy to see from the road

because my double-paned window

will be a pain to open every spring morning

but it’ll happen.

So, sorry, what’d you say your favorite era of American history is?

Because we’ll take that,

inspire out kitchen-nook,

and when we get home from work and curl up together with some good books,

you can look up at me and say:

Gee, ain’t I glad it worked out this way.