I have a question:

Is a hotdog a sandwich?

Now. without the intention

Of starting WW3,

Let’s just see the arguments.

For starters, what makes a sandwich

A sandwich?

I’ve heard every kind of pitch,

But the general idea is this:

Something between two slices of bread.

It’s a filling that keeps you fed,

But by that logic:

Subway doesn’t sell sandwiches.

They may have an array of cheeses,

But their bread does not come in two pieces.

And think about the humble meatball sub,

Nothing but innocent, italian grub,

Stripped of its sandwich title.

But was it entitled to that in the first place?

Now let’s look at this coin’s other face:

A hotdog isn’t a sandwich because

It’s a piece of bread with a topping.

Well, then how come when you go shopping,

The pizzas aren’t in the hotdog isle?

You can’t be in denial that both

a hotdog and a pizza

Are breads with spreads.

Regardless, there’s a difference

Between a hotdog

And a hotdog sandwich.

I’d like to see a guy pitch

A sandwich place that sells hotdogs.

But if you’re still on the fence,

Here’s one last defense:

What if this argument doesn’t matter?

Because after all, we’re all just matter

Trying to matter

Without being scattered uselessly all over the place.

So maybe this is just our way to say:

“Yes, I’m part of the human race,

With opinions and also a face,

And I’m trying to categorize everything I see,

While facing immense scrutiny.”

And I guess that’s the beauty

Of us humans who try to justify

Everything we come by

In an attempt to try

And make sense of this

one wild and precious life.

But sometimes there are categories

where things just don’t fit.

But if a hotdog isn’t a sandwich,

Then what is it?