It started with space laxatives.
And with those, anything is possible–
but less is probable–
since they will never time travel.
Everything in the garage glows,
Because, you know,
that’s the way the news goes.
He’ll need the weed wacker
because those weeds are wack, yo,
But if they get too wack, just go
to a parallel universe.
And while they traverse
every possible planet,
they watch every show before they ban it,
just to do a sequel.
Not a prequel
but a political commentary
on how to live in solitary confinement
where science is so advanced
that even dogs have a chance.
And his name is Snowball.
And here’s the rub:
“wub a lub a dub dub”
means “help me” without a please.
And that’s a little too rude for me,
But to each other own.
Yeah, I heard that mumble:
we all know this is one big red grin grumble.