I have some concerns.

Like why do we drive on parkways

and park on driveways?

In my day to day

I just get concerned with these things.

Just think for a moment:

What will life be like

when we run out of youtube comments?

And how many usernames can there be?

At what point does someone make the account:


The first sixteen digits of pi, off by one?

I’ve known some weird handles, but I don’t know if I can handle that one.

Sorry if that’s your username.

And what about no blinkers on turns,

like: no, I can’t  read your mind.

But thanks for thinking I can.

And what I can’t stand

is sitting for hours,

or standing for hours,

it’s like they think I’ve got this magic power

of being a statue.

And how come the letter s isn’t just a backward z?

Or the letter z a backwards s?

Why is it so pointy?

And just one more thing about letters:

What’s the point of the letter C?

What’s it supposed to be?

If it’s supposed to be a ‘k’ noise,

then it’s a K.

If it’s supposed to make a ‘s‘ noise,

then it’s an S.

There’s so many other ways

to alleviate the necessary sounds

for the English Language.

But wait, I hear you say,

there’s the ‘ch‘ sound!

And to that, I’ve found the solution:

Do we really need the letter C for just one noise? We could combine two other letters!

And for the better, too.

But wait, I hear you say,

there’s no way you can combine two random letters to make a new noise!

And to that, I say:

GH. Think about it.

Listen, I just have some concerns, mainly about life and people and me,

like why am I me, an extroverted introvert

who’s trying to convert all her thoughts into poetry?