If this happens again,

think of right now.

Think of how much we all care–

for God’s sake–

think of us.

Think of the children.

But only certain children, because as we have seen

some children only want to be mean, manipulative,


and you have to get creative to say: No.

And who knew those two letters could hold you back so far?

Who knew that you could stand up and give a speech

straight from memory about a kid, a ransom, a car,

and you could lean over to reach for a note in the middle

and yet two letters would be your undoing.

Of all 26, you would think they would be harder letters:

like R or L or Q, something much better suited for power.

(That’s why it’s not called mukduk.)

This was ticking down and we both knew it,

but what you didn’t know is that I could see it from weeks away.

I wish I was accurate enough to say what day,

but honestly, we both knew something was going to happen

and you weren’t going to like it.

Either way,

if this happens again, please don’t say:

“It’s fine.”

We want to help. Remember today.