It started with space laxatives. And with those, anything is possible– but less is probable– since they will never time travel. Everything in the garage glows, Because, you know, that’s […] Read More


I’m in a limbo between what’s called “yesterday” and what’s called “tomorrow”. And I don’t know where I’d rather stay. Because yesterday, everything was great. But tomorrow I’ll probably end […] Read More


I have some concerns. Like why do we drive on parkways and park on driveways? In my day to day I just get concerned with these things. Just think for […] Read More

As If You Know

You preach like you know, as if your hands are anywhere big enough to hold everything, to hold it all, because you think you should, your back against the wall. […] Read More

Aqua Hands

Does Aquaman worry about dry hands? Some people walk when it’s summer out, 70, 80 degrees, and their hands crack. You look down at them and oh– hello– suddenly a handful […] Read More


Who is throwing toilet paper on the ground like confetti? You realize that some people don’t even get to use this? You realize that an endless supply of one-ply is […] Read More