I’m pretty sure he—or she—or just it—is on to me. It’s waiting, lurking. White and red— always there in the background. It’s always there when you least expected it– or […] Read More


In darkness In darkness drag your finger across the sky. Tell me why each shape has its curve, each star should deserve to shine. Show me signs, tell me stories, […] Read More


There is so much nothing,                     I see the curve.                   Small peaks crumble                       in its wake, the slight                      fumble of side diamonds                                 on the golden band                                       of the Milky Way.                                       This […] Read More


It started with space laxatives. And with those, anything is possible– but less is probable– since they will never time travel. Everything in the garage glows, Because, you know, that’s […] Read More


I’m in a limbo between what’s called “yesterday” and what’s called “tomorrow”. And I don’t know where I’d rather stay. Because yesterday, everything was great. But tomorrow I’ll probably end […] Read More