What if time was a buffet? Like what if you could pick what you wanted to experience at that time, but it was still linear. Like you have to experience everything but what if in between stints of boredom or loneliness you could experience just a few minutes of something else from your life. And […]


I’m pretty sure he—or she—or just it—is on to me. It’s waiting, lurking. White and red— always there in the background. It’s always there when you least expected it– or I guess most expect it but least want it. Addictive, no doubt. But there’s no Sgt. General’s warning; where would you even put it? No, […]

How Not To Write a Story

“Boom. “Do not indent the first paragraph. Also, be sure to have an onomatopoeia to start, as well as interminable and literary jargon words to make sure that you audience knows you’re smart. And if the same person is talking through more than one paragraph, don’t put an end quote at the end of the […]

Aqua Hands

Does Aquaman worry about dry hands? Some people walk when it’s summer out, 70, 80 degrees, and their hands crack. You look down at them and oh– hello– suddenly a handful of tiny scars are all across you knuckles like a mouse went to town on them with a tiny sword. And some of them bleed! […]


Who is throwing toilet paper on the ground like confetti? You realize that some people don’t even get to use this? You realize that an endless supply of one-ply is rare? Who is even putting these rolls in here? One time I’ll come in and there’s nothing in the stall then I come back and […]


How many times can I watch this? I keep watching this over and over, but there is so much that I keep forgetting what happens. It’s almost like I watch it so many times I forget– but I can quote so many lines that I am surprised when I say exactly what they are going […]

Rejected College Essay

I sit on a grey leather seat and I have been seated for over four hours. I roll down my window and Tennessee air hits me, unlike New Jersey air. We are close to the campsite we have been driving to for weeks. My hair whips around my face but I still keep it long […]

This One’s About Mock Trial

How come I didn’t write about this sooner? I have literally no idea. I can’t even imagine how quickly this past year went, even the previous year… It’s all just a big blur of objections and rule numbers (which, thank you for knowing them all, especially Rule 403).  I don’t know how the entire team […]


I just want to be really good at everything. I want to be able to draw whatever I want whenever I want and have it be relatively identifiable, relatively reasonable to hang on a wall and have people understand why or wonder how someone could have expressed themselves in such a way. How did she move […]

People Don’t Talk About That

I have met you. I know you– but really, I doubt you remember me. I want to scream in your face: “Where are you from?” but you’d probably say something like Maryland or just forty minutes away or something like that but that’s not what I mean. I want to ask: “Did we share a […]


  I wish I had some bottles. They would be clear and hand crafted from some country town in France where they speak with thick accents and put flowers in everything. They would put flowers in the bottles and wrap some twine around them as accent pieces. They would be really nice. I could hang them […]


I want to be holy. But not in a holier-than-thou sort of way. I want to be just as holy as the next guy– but by guy I specifically mean someone who goes to church. Because all of the people I know who go to church are fun to hang out with. And yeah, I know […]


Everyone said goodbye today. Velvet shoes and gowns were left behind but everyone kept memories with them. Even though it’s all over, is it ever really over? Remembering everything seems like it’s too much right now so maybe I’ll just let myself have random memories of today forever. Yesterday, I never thought today would come. […]

The Unrecorded Conversation

[typed string0=”There are certain things left unsaid. And while that’s all right, I doubt if either of them will remember anything. In this life, there are just so many– too many– things to remember. They have to remember their own names, their ages, their gender, and how fast the speed limit is on the road […]


I dress like it’s Spring every day. I dress in the anticipation of the flowers blooming and the sun staying up for a little bit too long. I would want everyone to dress this way, but at the same time, it feels like I’m a Spring flower in a world of black winterberries. I feel […]


No matter how much glass is in front of my face, it’s all still so unfocused. I’m an unframed, unglassed pair of eyes walking around a bunch of blobs. How many leaves are on that tree? Who knows? But light, that’s the true wonder. Small orbs of light that float in front of my face, like […]

Strange World

It’s a strange world when darkness is merely the absence of light. With all this technology, the strangeness will not be sitting under man-made lighting, but rather sitting in actual darkness, the only natural light, unfiltered. And there will be streetlights on every street, road, and avenue in America. In Europe, in the entirety of […]

Before Limbo

It’s the climb that I wait for. The climb, the anticipation, the buildup and the suspense- because the second it all snaps and you’re caught in limbo, the “no g-zone”, the free-fall, that’s where the food comes back up. That’s where, time and time again, the regret of two hot dogs and a hamburger come […]

Musical Internet

The internet is a strange place. And, naturally, such a place adopted certain kinds of music.   In our day and age, there is a type of music for everyone. From archives of old albums to record-player-simulators, all of the oldies are still safe. However, there are also strangers parts of the internet with other […]


At the heart of every story is its main character. And whether that character is inanimate or not, there is always always some exchange of conversation throughout the story. This compositional risk is one of the most common of all. It only requires a minimum of one character, and a voice of some kind. Authors […]