The internet is a strange place. And, naturally, such a place adopted certain kinds of music.


In our day and age, there is a type of music for everyone. From archives of old albums to record-player-simulators, all of the oldies are still safe. However, there are also strangers parts of the internet with other ideas. There is a website that specifically generates song lyrics based onĀ given words, and even a given genre. Here‘s my attempt at using it, with the theme of Harry Potter. I used the Love Song theme.


Our Gross Egg plant Love

A Love Song For Severus
by Dumbledore

This one’s for you Professor Snape!

My love for you is like the most gross egg plant,
Your face reminds me of disgusting owls,
Together, we are like Bertie Bott’s every flavor jellybeans and ear wax.

Oh darling Severus ,
My gross egg plant,
My disgusting zucchini,
The perfect companion to my Bertie Bott’s every flavor jellybeans soul.

Paint are red,
Sky are blue,
I like Harry Potter,
But not as much as I love flying with you!

Oh darling Severus ,
Your hands are like oily wands on a spring day,
You’re like the most atrocious Head Master to ever walk Hogwarts.

Your disgusting owl face,
Your ear wax soul,
Your oily hands,
Your atrocious Head Master being…

How could I look at another when our gross egg plant love is so strong?

I love you Professor Snape!