I have met you. I know you– but really, I doubt you remember me. I want to scream in your face: “Where are you from?” but you’d probably say something like Maryland or just forty minutes away or something like that but that’s not what I mean. I want to ask: “Did we share a dream once?” or something like: “I think I had a daydream about you while I was walking through ShopRite one time,” but people don’t talk about that.

No, no one talks about the fact that I had déjà vu all through my senior year of high school, as if I had already lived it, or at least someone had already lived it– the last class room feelings, the beach house on June 3rd, all of it– no, no one talks about that. Or asks. But I guess it’s hard to see it on my face.

But most people just don’t think about that. Yeah, I guess it’s a coincidence that we’ve all met up and we work well together (for a month so far)… But also, there has to be something else at work. I just hope I’m not the first to notice or the first to bring it up. Because I know how much you hate it when people talk during movies and I agree but I also would just like to say: If you can guess the ending of the movie, it’s far more impressive if you call it 20 minutes into the movie and not 20 minutes after it ends.