I want to be someone’s companion. Because I’m choking, getting claustrophobic In this anaerobic, linear timeline. I want to be able to see everything all at once, So that I will never have to wonder If it’s a concern or thunder Or both. I want to have some kind of certainty In this branching tree […]


I’m in a limbo between what’s called “yesterday” and what’s called “tomorrow”. And I don’t know where I’d rather stay. Because yesterday, everything was great. But tomorrow I’ll probably end up borrowing some of my old friends to make new memories. This limbo I’m in, let me tell you: it’s both going downhill, and all […]


I have some concerns. Like why do we drive on parkways and park on driveways? In my day to day I just get concerned with these things. Just think for a moment: What will life be like when we run out of youtube comments? And how many usernames can there be? At what point does […]


I write poetry like a clown needs a business degree: badly. I rhyme in my poems like the wing flaps of a flea: constantly. But I like poems that rhyme because they’re like dogs in bowties: classy. And while rhythm and rhyme is difficult for some, it’s infected me like radioactivity and Madame Curie, salt […]

Clock – A Work In Progress

Please take all the time you need but don’t take the clock. Keep your hands together, but not at twelve o’clock. They say what goes around comes around and that has never been more true than the skinniest hand on the face returning back to two.

As If You Know

You preach like you know, as if your hands are anywhere big enough to hold everything, to hold it all, because you think you should, your back against the wall. But it’s not all for you, you know. But even that, you don’t know and you preach like you do and you can’t understand what or why, […]

Aqua Hands

Does Aquaman worry about dry hands? Some people walk when it’s summer out, 70, 80 degrees, and their hands crack. You look down at them and oh– hello– suddenly a handful of tiny scars are all across you knuckles like a mouse went to town on them with a tiny sword. And some of them bleed! […]


If this happens again, think of right now. Think of how much we all care– for God’s sake– think of us. Think of the children. But only certain children, because as we have seen some children only want to be mean, manipulative, imitative, and you have to get creative to say: No. And who knew those […]

This is not a coincidence.

I have the right change: coincidence. I walk in at the right time: go-incidence. We both like Broadway: showincidence. I call at the right time: callincidence. I can tell if you’re cold: coldincidence. I guess I just knowincidence.  


Who is throwing toilet paper on the ground like confetti? You realize that some people don’t even get to use this? You realize that an endless supply of one-ply is rare? Who is even putting these rolls in here? One time I’ll come in and there’s nothing in the stall then I come back and […]

Typed Up Memories

I hear you in the round dome of a car cabin, in the silence of no radio, in the click of a turn signal. There isn’t a single symbol that can explain anything I want to say. English is psychiatry if you want it to be. And I do. I can break you down like […]

The Eyes of March

The eyes of March were world renowned. As he analyzed the bark on a rainbow tree in the tropics by lamplight, he held one hand over his head to protect his hair from the rain. He examined the damp trees that stood in a congregation. “I can not tell the difference!” March declared, turning around. […]

“You’ll Be A Star”

I told you you’ll be a star, but I take it back. It’s not something you lack, no; I’d just rather not hang out with a big ball of flaming magma that might fall into itself at any given time. Oh God no. And I still want to be able to see after looking at […]


Today was a great day. And like, literally, I don’t even know what else to say– because there is almost no way that today could have been better. Good grades, good talks, warm walks, and a whole boat load of other things. How did this day turn out so well when I wasn’t expecting it? […]

How It Ends

     This is how it ends: a darkness so complete that it’s almost a blinding white. A feeling so overwhelming that it feels like nothing at all.      Suburbia: some side street is adorned with one of the state’s top-ranked high schools, but almost none of the student body looks up long enough […]

A Light God

I hear noises in the ceiling and even though the drop-down is peeling, I know something else is there. Is it God in the air? No one else is hearing Him– or maybe they’re all faking it. What if they all Hear Him but they all Fear Him too much to look up? The lights […]

The Inn Between

There’s an Inn between the two stores in between the two shops with shopkeepers who are a little less than keen on their housekeeping. So while the beds may be nice, and it may be a good price, you should think twice about sleeping.


after Meg Kearney   I have a locket: it’s cold and silver with a black inlay of vines. It’s one with space for a photo, but right now it’s empty. The chain is freezing my neck. I’m holding a camera, holding it too low to fit anyone in the shot. Through the glass, the lense, […]


How many times can I watch this? I keep watching this over and over, but there is so much that I keep forgetting what happens. It’s almost like I watch it so many times I forget– but I can quote so many lines that I am surprised when I say exactly what they are going […]

Rejected College Essay

I sit on a grey leather seat and I have been seated for over four hours. I roll down my window and Tennessee air hits me, unlike New Jersey air. We are close to the campsite we have been driving to for weeks. My hair whips around my face but I still keep it long […]