I left you outside Paris, just outside of pari dise, just outside of the grasp on the clasp of the city of light. There was nowhere for you to go, and I did not expect you to leave, not outside France, not without a chance that you might come back to me.


I  change my name every time I go to Starbucks, the letters constantly shifting in my head, my mind twists and is in constant flux: my imagination is a nation of the undead. The green stalks from the brown below push themselves through coffee tops, reaching for something in the undertow of last season’s dead […]

Tune In

Because it’s no soap, radio a playbill for a music show with top hat and a plaid bow on Broadway two years ago. There’re two bears and a tiger, three ears and a liar, with no water in a forest fire, who were too young to retire. Snow in the Sahara desert, too-long short sleeve button up t-shirt, with not enough […]

Roll With It

But that’s the whole point of the game: to lose yourself, to choose yourself, to put your own self up on the shelf; to get lost in the game, to get found in its fame, to pick yourself a whole new name; to re-do it all, to let it all fall, to break down the […]


It doesn’t feel like Friday, my day: it feels more like lie day, cry day, can’t stop, won’t stop, but will try day; okay day, go outside and play day, find a church and pray day, “Be that as it may,” day, pay day; planning day, too cold for fanning day, too cloudy for tanning […]


I hear static in my voice, in my mind. I hear static every day, all the time, I hear static, when I’m trying not to panic when I’m trying not to stress it but someone tends to press it and then I just hear static. Outside and inside, I hear static, when there’s no where […]

It is

It’s a strange thing, isn’t it, when the right things don’t fit, when the things you don’t understand become the things in highest demand. When you spend all day trying to figure out what all the fuss was about. Then it hits you. It’s probably love, isn’t it, that always seems to fit, that makes […]


If you’re reading this, you’ve been in a coma for the past twenty years. We don’t know what went wrong, but it’s worse than all our fears. The doctor messed up somewhere along the line, and now your life is simply running out of time. So even though everything you know right now is wrong, […]


Welcome to insomnia: the book with no genre, the play with no drama, the eye with no cornea. The land of dreams that’s dead at the seems. It’s strange to live inside, because in a way, to hide, is to be what you are inside. Left to your own devices, you learn your own rights […]


“Say cheese,” she said, even though she knew I wouldn’t. “Smile, for me,” she urged, even though she knew I couldn’t. There’s something mysterious about photos in a forest because if you’re lost among the trees, you can’t be a tourist because those drones stay in the cities, among money and parks; they couldn’t possibly […]

Short Terms, Long Terms

In short terms, it’s a long walk. It’s a long way over and a long way down, a long way up and a long way around. A bright way there and a bright way back, and bright way along the never ending track. The twists and turns never seem to end, the simple wood planks […]


The clouds were like continents, trying to learn their constants, floating across the sky for compliments, and receiving them all the same. There was never war over a single star because they could stray so far as to be too far away. But they slowly found that the longer they were there the longer they […]

Universal Story

Sit back and read the story of the universe– written in the stars, written in our scars, and we’ve never known worse. But that’s okay, since the stars keep shining, whinning, crying, and dying… The closest star to Earth is so far away that if it were to look back on us “today”, all it […]


Speaking of uneventful things, and what a bird would be without wings, it’s a question of whether or not we should, not a question of whether or not we could. But NASA doesn’t take that into consideration when they’re racing to space with a new nation, so as we all sit in the back seat, we try to […]


Did you see that constellation? The one full of anticipation, with a cold-hearted sensation? So far from the soaked city, eyes of fear, of pity, unclear of what to be? The exploding balls of light hesitated before taking flight into the darkless night of reality. They flew in and out of focus before they really […]

“The Real World”

Reality is but a subtly, a redundancy of what we can already see from under the sea of fishes where we all need to swim and learn how to live on a limb to keep afloat in this whirlwind of a boat. Where leather meets floral and sand meets coral there’s an opening to a […]


The reflections, corrections, the incorrect intentions of the frames of our world stay still to us while in space it whirls. It’s a strange existence; distance gives us a hard means of subsistence. Never believe their claims as most of us live behind thick frames. Sometimes it’s hard to see clearly, but some agree that’s […]


Still photos and painted scenery: the still of the night and the grind of machinery. Stolen words and broken glass: untold stories and a hidden past. Red roses and blue violets: hybrid cars and planes without pilots. Flyaway hair and beat up shoes: new luggage and old news. One passport and loud music: interesting passerby […]

Day of Words

  The first line of this poem was generated with The Poem Line Generator, found here.     Before the day of words, the poets sleep. They spent the whole day working their keep. But now they lay down with the sun, remembering all that had begun; since before they were born and after they will […]


Ex-ploring the caverns down       EARTH 3rr oh like  pro             – bl3m5 with LIFE ‘s lem on s. IN          joy.