The clouds were like continents,

trying to learn their constants,

floating across the sky for compliments,

and receiving them all the same.

There was never war

over a single star

because they could stray so far

as to be too far away.

But they slowly found that the longer they were there

the longer they realized their lives weren’t fair

and even the clouds began to cry.

But before we could realize what was wrong

we had already spent far too long

wonder about our lives, wondering why.

Wondering why we are here, what is our meaning,

wondering about that Pisa that’s always leaning,

before we knew that it was all for naught,

all those astronauts

haven’t found what they’ve sought;

because in space there’s no air out there,

and the same goes for the atmosphere,

so as the continental clouds float past,

think about why they’re moving so fast.