Speaking of uneventful things,

and what a bird would be without wings,

it’s a question of whether or not we should,

not a question of whether or not we could.

But NASA doesn’t take that into consideration

when they’re racing to space with a new nation,

so as we all sit in the back seat,

we try to not die by the heat.

Because if we can’t take the heat we should leave the kitchen

but there’s no where to run if you live inside of them.

So leave the knives to the chefs who can filet,

and don’t you worry now, you’ll find another way.

Chop up the vegetables or plate the dishes,

because no one can take orders when they’re all just wishes.

Do keep away from the kitchen cutlery,

and also all things buttery.

But until then just sit back and discuss uneventful ideas,

and please, for the safety of everyone, mention nothing about us.