This is not a coincidence.

I have the right change: coincidence. I walk in at the right time: go-incidence. We both like Broadway: showincidence. I call at the right time: callincidence. I can tell if you’re cold: coldincidence. I guess I just knowincidence.  

Typed Up Memories

I hear you in the round dome of a car cabin, in the silence of no radio, in the click of a turn signal. There isn’t a single symbol that can explain anything I want to say. English is psychiatry if you want it to be. And I do. I can break you down like […]

“You’ll Be A Star”

I told you you’ll be a star, but I take it back. It’s not something you lack, no; I’d just rather not hang out with a big ball of flaming magma that might fall into itself at any given time. Oh God no. And I still want to be able to see after looking at […]


Today was a great day. And like, literally, I don’t even know what else to say– because there is almost no way that today could have been better. Good grades, good talks, warm walks, and a whole boat load of other things. How did this day turn out so well when I wasn’t expecting it? […]

A Light God

I hear noises in the ceiling and even though the drop-down is peeling, I know something else is there. Is it God in the air? No one else is hearing Him– or maybe they’re all faking it. What if they all Hear Him but they all Fear Him too much to look up? The lights […]

The Inn Between

There’s an Inn between the two stores in between the two shops with shopkeepers who are a little less than keen on their housekeeping. So while the beds may be nice, and it may be a good price, you should think twice about sleeping.


after Meg Kearney   I have a locket: it’s cold and silver with a black inlay of vines. It’s one with space for a photo, but right now it’s empty. The chain is freezing my neck. I’m holding a camera, holding it too low to fit anyone in the shot. Through the glass, the lense, […]


You’re a crab. Look, I figured it out– you’re not drab but maybe a blue-backed, uncracked crab. You’ve got claws. You’ve got weapons at your disposal– but you think you know it all. And yet, in the same breath, you put yourself down. No matter how strong the ground is you can drill yourself deep. […]


I know you hear me when I whisper, On the darkest nights as the standing trees shiver.   Listen to my half words, tunes — whistler on an instrument we barely know. I know you hear me when I whisper.   It’s barely a fraction but my lips fissure and I see the branches about […]

Yeats’ Nights

Had I the fabric of the night, entwined with the constellation’s stars, the black and the purple and the grey night, of crabs and dogs and belts of stars; I would lay that cloth on the grass: so as we could lay on it together; but now we do not lay on just grass: for […]

Requiem for School

It’s been twenty days and in many ways I call that poetic justice. Because, though a poem will suffice, there are many more ways to conjure an audience who can ponder the wonders of life with me.   But all I can do right now is attempt to rhyme and sort through lettuce and thyme […]


I take too long to respond to most of my conversations mainly because I’m preoccupied with the constellations of freckles or hairs or stars that I can see from where I’m standing. And I put a nice cover on my keyboard only to take it off when I get bored of the marshmallow feel of […]

May 27, 2017

Even when I told you I did not like the city, you did not believe me, because all the nitty-gritty of that city is what you like about it. You said that it’s pretty, and that if I had any pity left in me I would go and see this city of yours. So I […]


I stare at your backpack, hoping for change. It’s a strange feeling when that happens, when you know that someone will come back but they just haven’t. Not yet. No, but they might. I suppose they have to if they’re ever going to get work done. But do they even want to? Maybe they left their backpack […]


There is a cliche that would be easy to say: Reading is an adventure. But it’s so much more than a park tour or a fictional lecture. It’s swimming, it’s baseball, it’s an old oak, 30 feet tall that no one intends to cut down. It’s an orange feather, it’s curl-up blanket weather, it’s New […]

A Girl

Below the universe, there is so much more to see.   But, alas, she lies on her back, her arms stretched, her dress a puddle of fabric. She’s trying to be someone she’s not: a persona too far-fetched.   She can not tell the constellations apart, but nonetheless gives stories to the stars she keeps […]

You Remind Me

You remind me of yourself at my age. [typed string0=”You remind me of yourself at my age.” string1=”Two people, both alike in dignity, lead each by a different page.”string2=”An adventure gone wrong, a journey too long, because it was never meant to be.” string3=”A misread message, pictures of ship wreckage, being a little too headstrong.” […]

Back Covers

I see life in book endings. from sand beach weddings to dragon defeats, where not even fire can heat an emotion so hot as to have a clue about what it means. But in all honestly, I don’t believe in those book sales for new books. There are older ones, colder ones, sitting on the […]

per se

I don’t want you per se. Because each and every day you come back and talk about her. No, no, I don’t want you– I want the idea of you, and all your compassion. I’d like to fashion someone else out of the likes of you. Take your honesty and bravery, leave everything unsavory, and make a […]


If you could hold a color say aquamarine, how heavy would it be? And for how much could you buy a tangerine? Because someone with your power must own their own family tower, right? But then let’s say you’re color blind, and everything you knew you had to leave behind. Now, be kind, do you […]