I take too long

to respond

to most of my conversations

mainly because I’m preoccupied

with the constellations

of freckles or hairs or stars

that I can see

from where I’m standing.

And I put a nice cover on my keyboard

only to take it off when I get bored

of the marshmallow feel

of my new keys.

And I don’t wear anything above my knees

but most people don’t notice.

And I obsessively make spreadsheets

for things that don’t even need them

but when

something does need a spreadsheet,

and I make one,

you can be sure that there’s something done right.

(Mainly: everything.)

(I really like spreadsheets.)

And I like things that stay sweet

even when you add herbs–

And so, without being afraid,

I put basil in my lemonade.