I don’t want you

per se.

Because each and every day


come back and talk about her.

No, no, I don’t want you–

I want the idea of you,

and all your compassion.

I’d like to fashion

someone else

out of the likes of you.

Take your honesty and bravery,

leave everything unsavory,

and make a new person.

One with less baggage

and who’s less of a challenge

to handle.

That’s what I want


Not you, per se,

but someone like you

who ever day

walks in and looks at me

the way that you think she

looks at you.

Because let me tell you,

she does not look at you

the way you want her to,

oh no.

She might know you are real

but she doesn’t know your appeal.

Because trust me,

there’s someone out there for all of us,

and if there’s enough love, there’s enough trust,

so trust me.

Trust me when I say

that there is no other way

that this could have gone

because it’s a strange world to live in

when, with you, there’s a never ending dawn.