Welcome to insomnia: the book with no genre, the play with no drama, the eye with no cornea. The land of dreams that’s dead at the seems. It’s strange to live inside, because in a way, to hide, is to be what you are inside. Left to your own devices, you learn your own rights […]


White was too pure for me, even then. I couldn’t handle it. I couldn’t take the fact that if something- anything– touched the wall, then it was ruined. The whole thing. Because you can’t paint over a white wall. The spot you paint over, if you do, will look newer. Whiter. Some kind of different shade […]

Before Limbo

It’s the climb that I wait for. The climb, the anticipation, the buildup and the suspense- because the second it all snaps and you’re caught in limbo, the “no g-zone”, the free-fall, that’s where the food comes back up. That’s where, time and time again, the regret of two hot dogs and a hamburger come […]


“Say cheese,” she said, even though she knew I wouldn’t. “Smile, for me,” she urged, even though she knew I couldn’t. There’s something mysterious about photos in a forest because if you’re lost among the trees, you can’t be a tourist because those drones stay in the cities, among money and parks; they couldn’t possibly […]

What Do Theorists Think Of?

She was laying on her back, her hair splayed all over the main deck. “Are you sure we’re going the right way?” Clive asked, looking nervously over the railing. “But of course we are,” the Theorist sighed, rolling on her back to pull herself upright. She hugged her knees and looked over at him. “Don’t […]

Coffee Talk

I tapped my coffee mug impatiently, my gaze lost on the greenest grass outside. “Where do you think words go when you burn them?” Arabella paused. “…What?” “You know,” I said, taking my fidgeting hands off the hot ceramic. I put them into a tight ball. “When you.. burn them?” I let my hands pull […]

Short Terms, Long Terms

In short terms, it’s a long walk. It’s a long way over and a long way down, a long way up and a long way around. A bright way there and a bright way back, and bright way along the never ending track. The twists and turns never seem to end, the simple wood planks […]

Just Beyond June

“I could sit here forever,” she said. “I could just sit here forever.” “Could you?” I muttered, hugging my knees. “Could you really?” “With you?” she smiled brightly. “Of course.” The sun burned. It burned my face, my skin, my heart, my soul. It burned to the deepest core that it could reach and back […]

The Perfect Murder

THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION.   It’s a curious thing, isn’t it, that as quickly we come into the world we can be taken out. A piano, a puddle, a lake, a knife, a sledge hammer– one moment we’re walking, the next we’re walking the Stairway. But what’s even stranger about our predicament is […]


The clouds were like continents, trying to learn their constants, floating across the sky for compliments, and receiving them all the same. There was never war over a single star because they could stray so far as to be too far away. But they slowly found that the longer they were there the longer they […]


There were thousands of islands. The curve of the Earth did not limit the expanse of the water nor the innumerable islands. Each one looked hand-crafted, if anyone were to have such large hands, and seemed similar, but not exactly the same. I tilted my head, reaching my hands out, just to feel the salty […]

Universal Story

Sit back and read the story of the universe– written in the stars, written in our scars, and we’ve never known worse. But that’s okay, since the stars keep shining, whinning, crying, and dying… The closest star to Earth is so far away that if it were to look back on us “today”, all it […]


Speaking of uneventful things, and what a bird would be without wings, it’s a question of whether or not we should, not a question of whether or not we could. But NASA doesn’t take that into consideration when they’re racing to space with a new nation, so as we all sit in the back seat, we try to […]

The Streams in the Desk

“Write it all down?” the Professor laughed, his head tilting back in an almost unnerving way. “All right, suppose we do. And yet, you and what quill, dear Writer?” “The one that I always keep in my pocket,” I said quickly, whipping out just that and letting its plumage spread out slowly, like molasses, through […]

The Legacy of the Search

He looked different this time. Perhaps it was the music, or perhaps it was the city streets, but something about him was different. His hair was neatly quipped, slightly brown, slightly black, slightly questionable as to whether or not it was brushed in the morning. His glasses rested comfortably on his nose, a home they […]

Cut Short of Sympathy

it’s not that I don’t want to see her, it’s just that I can’t. I mean, I really want to– for as w a t e r   —-s, I expect its return until the day it comes. It’s always the last day. —l –l -a f So as she stands there, on the ——————————————————————————————————————————————edge […]


Did you see that constellation? The one full of anticipation, with a cold-hearted sensation? So far from the soaked city, eyes of fear, of pity, unclear of what to be? The exploding balls of light hesitated before taking flight into the darkless night of reality. They flew in and out of focus before they really […]

“The Real World”

Reality is but a subtly, a redundancy of what we can already see from under the sea of fishes where we all need to swim and learn how to live on a limb to keep afloat in this whirlwind of a boat. Where leather meets floral and sand meets coral there’s an opening to a […]


No one believes me when I say that I live in music. Every move that I make is to a certain beat and time stamp, depending on the mood of the room. In my kitchen, I’m listening to light pop, in the living room there’s an orchestra, outside there is a choir. Downstairs there’s ball […]


The stories they tell are the best I’ve ever heard. They’re scary unnerving unhearable unbearable unheard of speechless. Their word are simply a jumble of sounds; of noises, of white noises that glow in the blackness dark of the house. I brought a lantern one time. It didn’t help. There was a sudden surge of wind […]