Poetic Usage

Language is arbitrary. That is, some pay a┬álot of attention to is, such as poets, and yet some others do not, like essayists, or people who want their point across but do not really mind how it gets there.   People like F. Scott Fitzgerald are a strange mixture of the two. He payed attention […]


I usually think in beginnings. I think of when I first met someone and what I thought of them as opposed to what I think of them now; I listen to the catch of a song repeatedly, debating whether or not I like it– and no matter what, I try to find out why that […]


I feel like everything’s already been written. Like every story I think of is just some simple variation of something already done: Mary Potter, Lord of the Necklaces, Planet Fights… So when people compare things like, “Harry Potter is just a version of Lord of the Rings!” Well, yes, it is, and no, it’s not. […]


I’m not usually one to plan before writing anything. Even in school, I usually think up an idea, write down the “hook”, and get rolling for the next forty five minutes. But then I try to write novels. Novels are incredibly intricate when it comes to plot, theme, characters, settings, even the title is a […]


Art is a masterfully crafted word. Simply the combination of 3 letters provides vivid imagery and emotion associated with the noun. In art, unlike any other human action, we have both the control, as well as the lack of control, to create art that means something to us, means something to someone else, or none […]


If “time” is linear, home come it moves fast for some people, yet slow for others? How come on the same day that I can literally feel the molasses of time sticking to my fingers, someone else merely feels a breeze through their hair and it’s… gone? They say “time travel” is unrealistic, implausable, unexplainable– […]

Vocal Currency

Words are my currency. They can be traded at various rates, gain value according to either social regulation or general allotment and can be exchanged into other types of currency– languages. Words are, sadly, suffering from a time of inflation. The over saturation of some of English’s finest words, such as exquisite, hate, and love, […]