Art is a masterfully crafted word. Simply the combination of 3 letters provides vivid imagery and emotion associated with the noun. In art, unlike any other human action, we have both the control, as well as the lack of control, to create art that means something to us, means something to someone else, or none of the previous; art is a world to explore that can never be mapped.

Art lends us a monocle into the world that the artist was living at the time– some times how they felt when they crafted the art that we are viewing, but that is simply a monocle. Just one piece of glass that serves but one purpose: to focusĀ one eye. Similar to glasses, monocles require different prescriptions for them to be effective. By looking at art, we are viewing something through the monocle that the artist either did or did not mean to create, as well as through our naked eye, the one lacking a monocle.

But art also gives us a small slice of a story. What happened before the piece was made? Did the artist have a fight? Did they decide to create whatever they saw next? Did they invite friends to help? And what happenedĀ after the piece? Was the artist shot? Did they get married? Did they ever look at the piece again?


This has been an LPSA.