Pack your bags, leave your seat, it’s okay to travel with bare feet. The scars you gain represent the life you loose, so not it’s up to you to choose. City skylines or empty forests? Don’t you dare stop singing the chorus. Because the grass it greener the farther you go. Everything’s prettier when you […]

For Harry

The wind swept up their dreams in the sunset and dress seams. A faulty house stood on its last posts haunted by years of ghosts from the man with an unspeakable name in an attempt to keep fear aflame. They thought they knew better, the two in the house, for there were easier flames to douse […]


Mad, unconvinced, as thirty mermaids floated by, since they don’t exist.


Outside my window there’s a world that sits back while we uncurl its secrets what it’s keeping. To be honest it’s me it’s keeping captivated, motivated, my head up and I keep on leaping, to keep the beat to beat the heat, simplistically, physically. I’m tired of all these falsities and these groupings of people […]


they never stop These tappings in my head which rise to the top as the shadows shout their opinions which make no sense it’s like a battle field and I’m entrenched but then he steps into view and catches my eye, perhaps luckily for him, I’m too shy to say anything at all to his […]

All That’s Lefty

It’s hard to be a lefty in a right-hander’s world. To be singled out at a meal because my elbow bumps yours, and I drink from my glass wrong. Left-handed people know how I feel. Gloves do not fit right, the desks are all wrong, I need a specific guitar and I smudge up my writing […]


It swirls as it moves, an off grace about it, like a dancer on an abandoned stage, waiting for her audience anyway, practicing as she goes, her pale skin hiding her rage. Only on the surface does she boil, covered by foundations. Somehow she stays animateed, her every twirl, every move is calculated. Measured and […]

Time & Space

Those times that go too fast, or when life seems too slow, that is the Prince of Time– watch him go. His life is lonely, his body is nonsense, his castle is nonexistent for time is but a concept. He is the only one who knows nothing but the truth; it’s his reality, his soul, […]