“Objection,” Council whispered.

“I beg your pardon?”

“Objection,” he said louder, his chair sliding out from under him as he stood up. “Objection, your honor.”

“Well, what is your objection, Council?” the Judge asked.

“My objection? Well isn’t it obvious, your Honor?” the Prosecution asked.

Obviously not,” the Defense said, stepping away from the witness stand. “So please clarify your objection during a direct examination.”

“Well,” Prosecution trailed off, walking slowly out from behind his table. His hands caught themselves behind him as his feet echoed on the wooden floor. “The witness is clearly unreliable.”

“The witness is fine, your Honor,” the Defense said.

“The witness eats dirt, for goodness’ sake, your Honor! Don’t you?” Prosecution said to the witness. “Don’t you eat dirt? Please clarify for the court, you are a no-good, dirt-eating, low-life!”

“Your Honor!” Defense said, flabbergasted. “Objection! Badgering the witness! During direct examination of my witness!”

“No, your Honor,” Prosecution said before the Judge could respond. “Objection. The witness is a badger.”