Just Beyond June

“I could sit here forever,” she said. “I could just sit here forever.” “Could you?” I muttered, hugging my knees. “Could you really?” “With you?” she smiled brightly. “Of course.” The sun burned. It burned my face, my skin, my heart, my soul. It burned to the deepest core that it could reach and back […]

The Perfect Murder

THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION.   It’s a curious thing, isn’t it, that as quickly we come into the world we can be taken out. A piano, a puddle, a lake, a knife, a sledge hammer– one moment we’re walking, the next we’re walking the Stairway. But what’s even stranger about our predicament is […]


There were thousands of islands. The curve of the Earth did not limit the expanse of the water nor the innumerable islands. Each one looked hand-crafted, if anyone were to have such large hands, and seemed similar, but not exactly the same. I tilted my head, reaching my hands out, just to feel the salty […]

The Streams in the Desk

“Write it all down?” the Professor laughed, his head tilting back in an almost unnerving way. “All right, suppose we do. And yet, you and what quill, dear Writer?” “The one that I always keep in my pocket,” I said quickly, whipping out just that and letting its plumage spread out slowly, like molasses, through […]

The Legacy of the Search

He looked different this time. Perhaps it was the music, or perhaps it was the city streets, but something about him was different. His hair was neatly quipped, slightly brown, slightly black, slightly questionable as to whether or not it was brushed in the morning. His glasses rested comfortably on his nose, a home they […]

Cut Short of Sympathy

it’s not that I don’t want to see her, it’s just that I can’t. I mean, I really want to– for as w a t e r   —-s, I expect its return until the day it comes. It’s always the last day. —l –l -a f So as she stands there, on the ——————————————————————————————————————————————edge […]


No one believes me when I say that I live in music. Every move that I make is to a certain beat and time stamp, depending on the mood of the room. In my kitchen, I’m listening to light pop, in the living room there’s an orchestra, outside there is a choir. Downstairs there’s ball […]


The stories they tell are the best I’ve ever heard. They’re scary unnerving unhearable unbearable unheard of speechless. Their word are simply a jumble of sounds; of noises, of white noises that glow in the blackness dark of the house. I brought a lantern one time. It didn’t help. There was a sudden surge of wind […]


The rattling grass shook the air around her. The noise was overwhelming, that was for sure. The sun was long gone by the time Lilith reached the field. She could feel some of the few bugs left outside between her toes; the lack of shoes was some kind of freedom that she could not explain. Everyone […]


“An ye’ know, some times I can’ even deal with the heat!” a woman cackled. Three others gathered around her joined in the heartfelt laughter, releasing some of the stress from their corsets. “It’s jus’ too hot in here sometimes.” “You can say that again,” a man at the bar called over. He was the only […]


42 y 07 m 03 w 06 d 13 h 45 m 03 s      Her face is… delicate.      I only say that because that is the only word that comes to mind. It can stay calm one second, be filled with laughter the next. All with such graceful transitions that it […]

The Wrong Man

She could think of nothing worse than seeing her friend with someone else. There’s something wrong… That’s not the right guy for her, Jamie thought. The right one has dirty blond hair, not strawberry blond… Green, not blue eyes… And who’s ever heard someone like him wearing a suit like that? No, the man her friend was looking […]


It was a strange feeling of freedom for her. Living life in the dark cover of night never led to anything bad, she was sure. Augustine clutched her cover over her shoulders. Sometimes, occasionally, people mistook her for a shadow. All the better, she thought. Her blue eyes glowed in dim light that managed to slip between curtains […]

Roses in a Fountain

I wanted to get to it, trust me. But the farther I walked, the farther I got. That is, from both where I was coming from and going to. The forest likes to grow. That’s what they always told me and I will always say for the rest of my life. It never stops, not […]

Tangible Twilight

And for a second, I can see it. The darkness just before going to bed; the mid-nighttime before sunrise yet after moonset; it’s a darkness so overpowering, so overwhelming that it’s impossible to miss, to unsee, to unfeel. And I try to hold it in my hands. Stepping on to my windowsill, the doorway to […]


There are no rules on the mountains. That was the first thing that Norelor learned, climbing on his own through the icey caps. The harsh wind was constantly blowing his  silver hair directly into his glittery red eyes, so he now ties it back with a leather strap. And to keep your friends close, but […]