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     Her face is…


     I only say that because that is the only word that comes to mind. It can stay calm one second, be filled with laughter the next. All with such graceful transitions that it seems like one fluid motion. It just seems so… delicate.

     She says that makes no sense, but trust me, when you see her you will know what I mean. Maybe you even know someone like that.

     I thank the Establishment that I do.

     I thank them that I know her. Eleon, my Eleon. That might sound gushy with “love”, but there’s not much of that left here in Antemore. Sure, people get “married”, but I remember when love was everywhere.

     A world where love flourished just as much as the plants.

     Not that we even have such plants here. Maybe that’s why this place is so dull. So empty, so much so that all genders are gone. I have heard stories when men and women still walked, yet at the same time, all those stories ended in either tragedy or inequality, which are honestly the same thing.

     I have also heard of other safe grounds that still have men and women. Not that I have ever checked. But some Seeker Hunters say they do not end up well.

     Which is why the Establishment simply… took them away.

     No one knows how.

     Then again, as they used to say, never look a gift horse in the mouth.

     So now everyone is gender-less. Everyone, therefore, is “equal”.

     That is what they tell us, and frankly, it is true. No need for discrimination anymore. We can even tell our own Times! Sometimes I wonder if any other safe ground has such a thing, technology like us. Technology so advanced, so accurate that it takes into account other’s actions?

     So advanced that “surprises” are now irrelevant.

     Sometimes I wish I could have been a Seeker Hunter, just to see if those things are true. The men, the women, the technology. And yet, I am well aware that Seeker Hunters have the most dangerous jobs in all of Antemore. Seekers are tricky ones; they can sneak and sprint– although Seeker Hunters have to keep a total knowledge of all known Seekers in the area…

     An immense amount of work and studying, that is. Something I could never do, as I am a Poet.

     Not a very good one, mind you. But good enough for Eleon.

     That’s why I am her “Him”.

     No one even knows what that means anymore… It is simply… worthless.

     But do not tell the Establishment. They take people like Eleon and me. We are the reason they made Seeker Hunters, some even say. Those who do not believe in the Establishment’s ways get their voices silen–