Musical Internet

The internet is a strange place. And, naturally, such a place adopted certain kinds of music.   In our day and age, there is a type of music for everyone. From archives of old albums to record-player-simulators, all of the oldies are still safe. However, there are also strangers parts of the internet with other […]


The rattling grass shook the air around her. The noise was overwhelming, that was for sure. The sun was long gone by the time Lilith reached the field. She could feel some of the few bugs left outside between her toes; the lack of shoes was some kind of freedom that she could not explain. Everyone […]


“An ye’ know, some times I can’ even deal with the heat!” a woman cackled. Three others gathered around her joined in the heartfelt laughter, releasing some of the stress from their corsets. “It’s jus’ too hot in here sometimes.” “You can say that again,” a man at the bar called over. He was the only […]


At the heart of every story is its main character. And whether that character is inanimate or not, there is always always some exchange of conversation throughout the story. This compositional risk is one of the most common of all. It only requires a minimum of one character, and a voice of some kind. Authors […]

Poetic Usage

Language is arbitrary. That is, some pay a lot of attention to is, such as poets, and yet some others do not, like essayists, or people who want their point across but do not really mind how it gets there.   People like F. Scott Fitzgerald are a strange mixture of the two. He payed attention […]


42 y 07 m 03 w 06 d 13 h 45 m 03 s      Her face is… delicate.      I only say that because that is the only word that comes to mind. It can stay calm one second, be filled with laughter the next. All with such graceful transitions that it […]


I usually think in beginnings. I think of when I first met someone and what I thought of them as opposed to what I think of them now; I listen to the catch of a song repeatedly, debating whether or not I like it– and no matter what, I try to find out why that […]


The reflections, corrections, the incorrect intentions of the frames of our world stay still to us while in space it whirls. It’s a strange existence; distance gives us a hard means of subsistence. Never believe their claims as most of us live behind thick frames. Sometimes it’s hard to see clearly, but some agree that’s […]


Still photos and painted scenery: the still of the night and the grind of machinery. Stolen words and broken glass: untold stories and a hidden past. Red roses and blue violets: hybrid cars and planes without pilots. Flyaway hair and beat up shoes: new luggage and old news. One passport and loud music: interesting passerby […]

The Wrong Man

She could think of nothing worse than seeing her friend with someone else. There’s something wrong… That’s not the right guy for her, Jamie thought. The right one has dirty blond hair, not strawberry blond… Green, not blue eyes… And who’s ever heard someone like him wearing a suit like that? No, the man her friend was looking […]


It was a strange feeling of freedom for her. Living life in the dark cover of night never led to anything bad, she was sure. Augustine clutched her cover over her shoulders. Sometimes, occasionally, people mistook her for a shadow. All the better, she thought. Her blue eyes glowed in dim light that managed to slip between curtains […]

Roses in a Fountain

I wanted to get to it, trust me. But the farther I walked, the farther I got. That is, from both where I was coming from and going to. The forest likes to grow. That’s what they always told me and I will always say for the rest of my life. It never stops, not […]


I feel like everything’s already been written. Like every story I think of is just some simple variation of something already done: Mary Potter, Lord of the Necklaces, Planet Fights… So when people compare things like, “Harry Potter is just a version of Lord of the Rings!” Well, yes, it is, and no, it’s not. […]

Day of Words

  The first line of this poem was generated with The Poem Line Generator, found here.     Before the day of words, the poets sleep. They spent the whole day working their keep. But now they lay down with the sun, remembering all that had begun; since before they were born and after they will […]


I’m not usually one to plan before writing anything. Even in school, I usually think up an idea, write down the “hook”, and get rolling for the next forty five minutes. But then I try to write novels. Novels are incredibly intricate when it comes to plot, theme, characters, settings, even the title is a […]

Tangible Twilight

And for a second, I can see it. The darkness just before going to bed; the mid-nighttime before sunrise yet after moonset; it’s a darkness so overpowering, so overwhelming that it’s impossible to miss, to unsee, to unfeel. And I try to hold it in my hands. Stepping on to my windowsill, the doorway to […]


Ex-ploring the caverns down       EARTH 3rr oh like  pro             – bl3m5 with LIFE ‘s lem on s. IN          joy.


Pack your bags, leave your seat, it’s okay to travel with bare feet. The scars you gain represent the life you loose, so not it’s up to you to choose. City skylines or empty forests? Don’t you dare stop singing the chorus. Because the grass it greener the farther you go. Everything’s prettier when you […]


There are no rules on the mountains. That was the first thing that Norelor learned, climbing on his own through the icey caps. The harsh wind was constantly blowing his  silver hair directly into his glittery red eyes, so he now ties it back with a leather strap. And to keep your friends close, but […]

For Harry

The wind swept up their dreams in the sunset and dress seams. A faulty house stood on its last posts haunted by years of ghosts from the man with an unspeakable name in an attempt to keep fear aflame. They thought they knew better, the two in the house, for there were easier flames to douse […]