Pack your bags, leave your seat,

it’s okay to travel with bare feet.

The scars you gain represent the life you loose,

so not it’s up to you to choose.

City skylines or empty forests?

Don’t you dare stop singing the chorus.

Because the grass it greener the farther you go.

Everything’s prettier when you forget what you know.

It’s not about the life you live, but the one you leave,

since magic only works if you believe.

Their movements are breathtaking, I’m sure,

but being sick with disease is the only way to find a cure.

Just takes sunsets for example

they sink and show colours like an ampule.

And the sky stayed blue because no one cares when it’s black.

They only care about its dazzling cracks,

its scars and mutant pieces,

while poverty increases

in the so-called city “sanctuary”…

But you knew that already.

Because no one cares about the girl with the night in her eyes,

they writer her off as a devil in disguise.

But when a blessing comes its less clear

so we make less room for them here

and create a difference between good and nice.

To do anything to “re-roll the dice”.

Depending on our catchers, we anticipate dreams

even if nothing is truly as it seems.

So get away as fast as you can

and lend others your way a hand.

Run away now, away from your problems,

there was no way you were going to solve them.

Leave your t-shirt, socks, and shoes,

and live a life of blues.

Just for a day

and if you don’t want to stay

feel free to up and abandon

all of your phantoms.

When you return to civilization

I hope you break all their foundations.

How do they build lives on pillars of salt

and claim– under oath– that all that went wrong wasn’t their fault?

It’s not the tide that pulls them in–

it’s the idea that again they can begin.

Trust me, darling, it’s no way to live

constantly wondering “what if?”

They’re all underwater and still don’t understand

just how much they think they can withstand.

So pull the pin and leave the grenade,

living life like a renegade.

The fact that fire burns and ashes

doesn’t justify their actions.

You of all people should know that

with no destination to arrive at.

You river skunk, downward spiral,

who’s to say you’ll go viral–

but I can guarantee

all but the life of me

if you follow my simple instructions

to society’s demands and destruction.

Leave your ego at the door.

You don’t need it any more.

Every profit is naught but marginal.

Are there empty rides at the carnival?

All these rules and regulations

never become real expectations.

We should demand peace, greatness,

not all this stylistic lateness

to the party of equality

to stop the frugality.

As our phones die of power

there are homeless with no food, no shower–

and who is there to change it

without questioning their benefit?

See, darling, how much easier it would be

to just get up and leave?

Let me tell you a secret fast–

there’s no use to mourning the past.

It’s gone now, trust me if no one else,

while everyone else tightens their belts.

They’re tiny worlds, each and every pixel,

to distract us while every country threatens a missile.

You can believe these words

like you’ve never heard

nothing like them in your life–

soft as a cloud, sharp as a knife.

Understand me when I say

we can live to see another day

because I have a new thesaurus

with thousands of words just for us.

Remember the city skylines and toxins,

because leaving now is our only option.

Or forget it all to start anew,

it’s only sad they won’t see who you’ve turn into.

Step up the pace, I’m already outside,

with nothing but the wilderness as my guide.

It will be incredible to see the world with you,

even if it’s the last thing I ever do.

Every decision is already made,

living life like a renegade.