Even when I told you I did not like the city, you did not believe me, because all the nitty-gritty of that city is what you like about it. You […] Read More


I stare at your backpack, hoping for change. It’s a strange feeling when that happens, when you know that someone will come back but they just haven’t. Not yet. No, but […] Read More


There is a cliche that would be easy to say: Reading is an adventure. But it’s so much more than a park tour or a fictional lecture. It’s swimming, it’s […] Read More

Museum Misunderstandings

Standing in the Natural History museum, two people (Person A and Person B) are viewing different displays. Nearby, a large group of students are chattering, filling out papers for school, […] Read More


I dress like it’s Spring every day. I dress in the anticipation of the flowers blooming and the sun staying up for a little bit too long. I would want […] Read More


What if everything you’ve ever read was something that was secretly about you? Every news article, email, ad, all aiming towards you and intended to be about you. What if […] Read More


Below the universe, there is so much more to see.   But, alas, she lies on her back, her arms stretched, her dress a puddle of fabric. She’s trying to […] Read More

Night Swimmer

By now, I bet he’s dead. At least, I hope he’s dead. The man who seasoned my cups of tea with garlic and who left his paychecks at the piano– […] Read More


You remind me of yourself at my age. A bouquet, a ring, all in your fate.


No matter how much glass is in front of my face, it’s all still so unfocused. I’m an unframed, unglassed pair of eyes walking around a bunch of blobs. How many […] Read More


I see life in book endings. from sand beach weddings to dragon defeats, where not even fire can heat an emotion so hot as to have a clue about what […] Read More


I don’t usually question things. Usually. Because usually, I’m sitting at home. Alone. With my dishwasher screaming in one room and my washing machine thundering in the other. With the […] Read More


I don’t want you per se. Because each and every day you come back and talk about her. No, no, I don’t want you– I want the idea of you, and […] Read More

Strange World

It’s a strange world when darkness is merely the absence of light. With all this technology, the strangeness will not be sitting under man-made lighting, but rather sitting in actual […] Read More


If you could hold a color say aquamarine, how heavy would it be? And for how much could you buy a tangerine? Because someone with your power must own their […] Read More


I left you outside Paris, just outside of pari dise, just outside of the grasp on the clasp of the city of light. There was nowhere for you to go, […] Read More


I  change my name every time I go to Starbucks, the letters constantly shifting in my head, my mind twists and is in constant flux: my imagination is a nation […] Read More


Because it’s no soap, radio a playbill for a music show with top hat and a plaid bow on Broadway two years ago. There’re two bears and a tiger, three ears and a liar, with […] Read More