I’m in a limbo between what’s called “yesterday”
and what’s called “tomorrow”.

And I don’t know where I’d rather stay.
Because yesterday,
everything was great.
But tomorrow
I’ll probably end up borrowing
some of my old friends
to make new memories.

This limbo I’m in, let me tell you:
it’s both going downhill,
and all downhill from here;
easy riding
and hardly finding any free time.
I wish I left,
and that I’m the only one left:
both not here and kept.
I want to refrain from living it
and refrain the entire measure–
but it just won’t all fit
in music that never ends.
I want to be completely transparent with you,
but that’s impossible:
because I could be easy to see
or invisible.

I’m earthbound.
I’m tied to the ground
as I orbit earth
and burn from the atmospheric drag
when I’m brought back down.

Because I’m in a limbo between what’s called “yesterday”
and what’s called “tomorrow”–
we call it “today”.

Author: Nina

I am a creative writer and coder. This whole website is just a place for me to experiment. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please email me at: Writer@GirlWriter.com. Check me out a GirlWriter.com/about-me!

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