If you could hold a color

say aquamarine,

how heavy would it be?

And for how much could you buy

a tangerine?

Because someone with your power

must own their own family tower,


But then let’s say you’re color blind,

and everything you knew you had to leave behind.

Now, be kind,

do you still like aquamarine?

Even in a sun beam

is it still an undersea blue?

A green too true?

Because this is not just about your eyes.

I’ve been able to devise

a way to hold colors,

say, aquamarine,

and I want you to try it with me.

Author: Nina

I am a creative writer and coder. This whole website is just a place for me to experiment. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please email me at: Writer@GirlWriter.com. Check me out a GirlWriter.com/about-me!