How It Ends

     This is how it ends: a darkness so complete that it’s almost a blinding white. A feeling so overwhelming that it feels like […] Read More


What if everything you’ve ever read was something that was secretly about you? Every news article, email, ad, all aiming towards you and intended to […] Read More


I don’t usually question things. Usually. Because usually, I’m sitting at home. Alone. With my dishwasher screaming in one room and my washing machine thundering […] Read More


“Objection,” Council whispered. “I beg your pardon?” “Objection,” he said louder, his chair sliding out from under him as he stood up. “Objection, your honor.” […] Read More


Dearest Johnathan, I hope this letter finds you well. It seems as though all the letters I have sent previously had made no progress; but […] Read More

Funeral Tissues

It never occurred to me how many tissues are kept in a funeral home. There are hundreds, perhaps thousands, always stocked and ready to be […] Read More

Eye Stones

I don’t know why I thought so, but it was all breathtaking. Every place I thought I already knew in my motherland was seen in […] Read More


White was too pure for me, even then. I couldn’t handle it. I couldn’t take the fact that if something- anything– touched the wall, then it […] Read More

Coffee Talk

I tapped my coffee mug impatiently, my gaze lost on the greenest grass outside. “Where do you think words go when you burn them?” Arabella […] Read More

Just Beyond June

“I could sit here forever,” she said. “I could just sit here forever.” “Could you?” I muttered, hugging my knees. “Could you really?” “With you?” […] Read More


There were thousands of islands. The curve of the Earth did not limit the expanse of the water nor the innumerable islands. Each one looked […] Read More