How many times can I watch this? I keep watching this over and over, but there is so much that I keep forgetting what happens. […] Read More


I just want to be really good at everything. I want to be able to draw whatever I want whenever I want and have it […] Read More


  I wish I had some bottles. They would be clear and hand crafted from some country town in France where they speak with thick accents […] Read More


I want to be holy. But not in a holier-than-thou sort of way. I want to be just as holy as the next guy– but […] Read More


Everyone said goodbye today. Velvet shoes and gowns were left behind but everyone kept memories with them. Even though it’s all over, is it ever […] Read More


I dress like it’s Spring every day. I dress in the anticipation of the flowers blooming and the sun staying up for a little bit […] Read More


No matter how much glass is in front of my face, it’s all still so unfocused. I’m an unframed, unglassed pair of eyes walking around a […] Read More

Strange World

It’s a strange world when darkness is merely the absence of light. With all this technology, the strangeness will not be sitting under man-made lighting, […] Read More

Before Limbo

It’s the climb that I wait for. The climb, the anticipation, the buildup and the suspense- because the second it all snaps and you’re caught […] Read More

Musical Internet

The internet is a strange place. And, naturally, such a place adopted certain kinds of music.   In our day and age, there is a […] Read More


At the heart of every story is its main character. And whether that character is inanimate or not, there is always always some exchange of […] Read More

Poetic Usage

Language is arbitrary. That is, some pay a lot of attention to is, such as poets, and yet some others do not, like essayists, or people […] Read More


I usually think in beginnings. I think of when I first met someone and what I thought of them as opposed to what I think […] Read More


I feel like everything’s already been written. Like every story I think of is just some simple variation of something already done: Mary Potter, Lord […] Read More


I’m not usually one to plan before writing anything. Even in school, I usually think up an idea, write down the “hook”, and get rolling […] Read More


Art is a masterfully crafted word. Simply the combination of 3 letters provides vivid imagery and emotion associated with the noun. In art, unlike any […] Read More